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Shastho Card

Welcome to a transformative healthcare experience with the Shastho Card, a cornerstone of modern healthcare in Bangladesh. The Shastho Card is more than just a health access tool; it's an emblem of progress, making healthcare services accessible, affordable, and efficient for everyone. By bridging the gap between patients and healthcare facilities, it ensures that quality care is always within reach, irrespective of one's location in the country. This innovative card dismantles the barriers of geographical constraints, bringing a wide array of healthcare services closer to you.

The Shastho Card goes beyond simplifying access; it brings affordability to the forefront of healthcare. It introduces an era of cost-effective healthcare solutions through a variety of discounts and special offers, addressing the growing need for budget-friendly health management. The card also revolutionizes the way health records are maintained, encapsulating your medical history in a streamlined, digital format. This integration not only simplifies administrative processes but also empowers you with quick and organized access to your health information, making healthcare experiences smoother and more effective.

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A seamless healthcare experience with Shastho Card

Empowering Your Healthcare with Simplicity and Efficiency

How the Shastho Card Works

  • Easy Registration: Signing up for the Shastho Card is straightforward. Just provide your basic information, pay, and your card will to delivered to your given address. No hidden fees or charges.
  • Wide Acceptance in Dhaka City: Currently, the Shastho Card is accepted across a range of healthcare facilities in Dhaka City. Discover the full list of participating healthcare at Healthcare Partners.
  • Instant Discounts at Checkout: Simply show your Shastho Card during billing at any of our partner healthcare facilities and receive discounts immediately on your medical services.
  • Dedicated Support: Have questions or need assistance? Our support team is always ready to help. Contact us at +88 09666 722 746 for any queries or support regarding your Shastho Card.

The Shastho Card is your partner in making healthcare experiences more efficient and budget-friendly, exclusively in Dhaka City.

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A range of benefits to streamline and economize your healthcare

Enhancing Your Healthcare Access

Benefits of Shastho Card

The Shastho Card offers a range of benefits to streamline and economize your healthcare:

  • Affordable Care Get discounts on medical services to reduce your healthcare expenses.
  • Easy Access: Use the card across a growing network of healthcare providers in Dhaka City.
  • Streamlined Experience: Simplify your medical visits with consolidated health records and billing.
  • Informed Decisions: Keep track of your health expenses and services for better health management.
  • Community Benefits: Join a community for health tips and support.

Embrace a more efficient, cost-effective healthcare journey with Shastho Card.

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Free delivery of your Shastho Card to your doorstep

A Seamless Process to Access Enhanced Healthcare

Obtaining Your Shastho Card

Acquiring your Shastho Card is a secure and straightforward process:

  • Application & Payment: Initiate your application by choosing a plan and completing the payment process on our Signup Page
  • Confirmation: Once your payment is processed, our card division will contact you the following working day to confirm your information and finalize your application.
  • Card Delivery: Our delivery personnel will bring your Shastho Card to your doorstep within 3 working days. Remember, do not share your delivery OTP code before physically receiving your card.
  • Activation & Usage: Simply call our support line (+88 09666 722 746) to activate your card. Then, show your Shastho Card at participating healthcare providers during checkout to enjoy various benefits.

For any assistance or inquiries throughout the process, our support team is readily available to guide you.

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Premium Shastho Card
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Standard Shastho Card
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Corporate Shastho Card

Frequently asked questions

The Shastho Card is a physical health card that represents a patient's Shastho AI account, providing access to health benefits and discounts on healthcare services at partnered hospitals. Learn more about the Shastho Card

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