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 Healthcare made easy.

The one stop solution for managing healthcare in the most convenient way. It’s simple and easy- to provide healthcare in the fastest way possible. 

Our Goals

Digitalizing Healthcare

Cost and Time Efficiency

Fastest healthcare services

Easy Appointment System


Hassle-free digital appointment system for receptionists has become easier than ever. With Shastho’s efficient appointment feature, patients can be appointed to doctors digitally through the web and mobile platforms. 


With Shasthodiagnosing patients and prescribing medicines have become more convenient. With Shastho’s vast database of medicines, doctors can issue hassle-free digital prescriptions. 

Digital Prescription
Patient History

Detailed History

Never loose you health data with Shastho AI storing your data in your account. With the doctors diagnosing and healthcare uploading diagnostic test reports, All the data is stored to your account and you can share with your doctor.

Digitalizing Healthcare

Managing hospital schedules, limits of patients per day, dealing with doctors and tracking payment history- everything can be done through Shastho’s web platform. And it is really easy! 

Shastho Limited started working on perfecting their AI platform for healthcare solutions in the year 2018. After three years,  Shastho AI became fully functioning to make healthcare management digitally secured and efficient.  

With a view to ensuring proper healthcare service with digital efficiency, Shastho AI has been working relentlessly by providing a one-stop virtual web and mobile platform for making healthcare convenient and secure. By setting up Shastho AI (platform), hospitals and clinics can manage appointment systems, prescriptions/test reports, patient history, and virtual payment system with just their desktop or mobile devices. 

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