Partnership with Asgar Ali Hospital

November 3, 2023

Partnership with Asgar Ali Hospital

In a landmark move for healthcare convenience and accessibility, Shastho Limited is thrilled to announce the completion of a pivotal agreement with Asgar Ali Hospital, a preferred healthcare institution in Old Dhaka. This partnership marks the beginning of a new era in healthcare service delivery, furthering our commitment to improving healthcare through valuable insights and advanced services.

A Step Forward in Healthcare Excellence

Mir Ayman Ali, CEO of Shastho Limited, and AKM Morshed Ahmed Chowdhury, Head of Operations at Asgar Ali Hospital, have officially signed the agreement, heralding a significant advancement in healthcare accessibility for the people of Bangladesh. This initiative is especially crucial for Shastho Limited cardholders, who will now enjoy discounted healthcare services at Asgar Ali Hospital, making essential health services more accessible and affordable.

Exclusive Benefits for Shastho Cardholders

The Shastho Card, a cornerstone of Shastho Limited's healthcare services, extends a range of discounts and benefits to ensure that cardholders receive the best possible care. With this new partnership, Shastho Card users can now avail themselves of discounts on a wide array of services at Asgar Ali Hospital, including:

  • OPD Services: Discounts on all types of lab investigations, radiology, and imaging tests.
  • IPD Services: Discounts on all types of lab investigations, radiology, and imaging tests, as well as bed charges.
  • OPD Model Pharmacy: Discounts apply, excluding imported medicines.

Please Note:

Discounts are not applicable for emergency and day-care services (including investigation, procedure, bed, transfusion, etc.), dialysis, physiotherapy, audiometry, fibroscan, uroflowmetry, any package/procedure/blood issues (screening, cross-matching, any blood component), registration, consultation fee, ancillary services, and any government-approved tests and rates.

Embrace a New and Easy Healthcare Experience

We believe this partnership will transform your healthcare experience, making it more straightforward and beneficial. The Shastho Card simplifies access to quality healthcare services, ensuring you and your loved ones can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to medical needs.

To order your Shastho Card and start enjoying these benefits, please visit

For more information, contact our hotline at 09666722746.

Shastho Limited continues to strive towards making healthcare easy and convenient for all, and this partnership with Asgar Ali Hospital is a testament to our unwavering dedication. Join us in this new chapter as we work together towards a healthier future.