Digitalizing Healthcare

August 10, 2021

Digitalizing Healthcare

Transforming the way healthcare providers manage services and interact with patients through advanced digital solutions.

Doctors Management

Managing doctors have never been easier. Request doctors from any healthcare, manage their schedule, where patients can only make appointments on available dates and times. Don’t need to make a custom appointment system on your website it’s just a line we provide that can embed the whole appointment system on your website.

Doctors' Management

Diagnostic Test Management

Manage diagnostic test appointments, you can manage your diagnostic test team who will test and upload reports. Once the team approves the test report will be delivered automatically to the patients. If a patient needs to receive the report manually we send the notification when it’s done and they can collect it from your healthcare. Track patients with barcodes and print payslips if you need to.

Receive Online Payments

Receiving payments online cannot be easier than this. When patients make online appointments (Doctors or Diagnostic tests) you have the ability to make payment compulsory or make it easy. With PortWallet as our partner after making appointments patients can pay online using Credit cards, Debit Cards (International or local) Mobile payment methods like BKash, Rocket, and many more.

Receive Online Payments
Payment Medium

Payment Management

Track all the payments by date range, doctor, and diagnostic tests. Don’t need to maintain an accounts book for payments. It’s just another convenient way to track your books easily and conveniently.

Enterprise Grade Security

We understand how important is healthcare data and we didn’t stop at anything for the purpose of security. One-time password for each login for every user, End-to-End Encryption are just a name of a few we maintain. Each and every file is server encrypted. You can maintain your users and you decide what policies you give to your user and decide who can do or even see what portion of your app.

Enterprise Security